The Final

The Beautiful Game vs Oppression

A Seleção had finally reached the summit, and in the most arresting, resourceful, creative style. The entire team was weeping as the thrilled Swedes, including backslapped King Gustaf VI Adolf, were celebrating the new World Cup winners. The images of Pelé crying on the shoulder of Gilmar and the champs parading the flag of Sweden high above their heads went around the world in which most children were still taught hard lessons in disparity and exclusion. But with Pelé, Garrincha and Didi fresh and lucid teachers had arrived, improvising in abundance like modern jazz and entering dreams of the new school with ideas to be reimagined on the streets.

The triumph of the Brazilians in Sweden and the birth of satellite television released the game’s universal force at a time when some of the greatest athletes united to oppose segregation, imperialism and injustice...


Protect Indigenous Rights

The dynamics of the attacks on indigenous rights, identities and habitats are worldwide yet the cruel irony is that our insatiable consumption destroys the livelihood first and foremost of those people who have always lived in balance with their environments. Restricted, a street project to promote the cultural survival, advance protection of the rights of the indigenous people of Australia and defend Native Title, was written and produced by Vive.

Urban Roots

Pier 40 New York City

How are the spaces we inhabit related to our histories, our tales and forms of entertainment, our debates and self-reflection, our emotional and pragmatic needs? How does our understanding of our environment relate to many of the world's most pressing development and sustainability challenges?

Urban Roots, an architectural design for Hudson River's Pier 40, was conceived to celebrate the history of NYC as point of multi-ethnic arrival, making intangible culture and diverse thought and ideas accessible and engaging, transforming heritage into vital experiences and concern into commitment.

in all corners of the world
children seek
an exit strategy
from man-made poverty

A 21st Century Artefact

Grounded Soul explores the universal rights of children and the Millennium Development Goals in a digital document of interdependence...



Design for the internationally acclaimed architect Jochen Brandi, commissioned to ideate Van Alen Institute's Pier 40 community development in Manhattan at the eve of the new millennium.


Together with young Aboriginal artists at QCA, the oldest art institution in Australia, the activist project in Sydney countered the government and Murdoch's media assaults on indigenous rights.


Amplified to reduce: media fallout in information societies jeopardize future generations. The exhibition InfluEnds98 focused on the effects of a numbing press in service to private profit instead of public need.


In times of vastly unbalanced global economies, poverty, social injustice and ecological vulnerabilities are interrelated. We publicized voices from around the world at the first Universal Forum of Cultures in 2004.


New media endeavour for the city's cultural scene in collaboration with established arts institutions, emerging artists and young creatives. Currently in development.
Release 2018


Documentary for the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, in cooperation with Jones Muchendu, Undugu Society, MCF, and various NGOs in Nairobi, on Kenya's east coast and around Lake Victoria.

*Jacques Ellul's theme, that propaganda is not this or that ideology but rather the action and coexistence of all media at once, explains why propaganda is environmental and invisible. the total life of any culture tends to be 'propaganda' for this reason. it blankets perception and supresses awareness, making the counter environments created by the artist indispensable to survival and freedom. Marshall McLuhan

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