The United Nations Millennium Development Goals / Rights of the Child immersive documentary filmed during the Banking Collapse in 2008

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Born into deep divisions of race and class, young footballers fought for more than thirty years to be treated as equals and, in the process, perfected an amorphous contest into o jogo bonito, the beautiful game. Arthur Friedenreich set goalscoring records while breaking the colour line in Brazil, decades before Jackie Robinson conquered the baseball fields further north. ‘The First Kings of Football’ from São Paulo were crowned in Paris, right before professionalism exploded and fascism set the world on fire...


THE FINAL The Beautiful Game vs Oppression



Protect Indigenous Rights and Native Title





The dynamics of the attacks on indigenous rights, identities and habitats are worldwide yet the cruel irony is that our insatiable consumption destroys the livelihood first and foremost of those people who have always lived in balance with their environments. Restricted, a street project to promote the cultural survival, advance protection of the rights of the indigenous people of Australia and defend Native Title, was written and produced by Vive.






Grounded Soul . A 21st Century Artefact

UN Millennium Development Goals / Convention on the Rights of the Child

Its message is Total Change, ending psychic, social, economic, and political parochialism. The old civic, state and national groupings have become unworkable. Nothing can be further from the spirit of the new technology than 'a place for everything and everything in its place.' Marshall McLuhan

Photo by Lewis Hine, social activist using a camera to fight child labour... about > Lewis Hine


You can't go home again.

In a world of vastly unbalanced global economies, poverty, social injustice and vulnerabilities are interrelated. We covered and amplified messages of social activists and progressive artists at the first Universal Forum of Cultures in Barcelona 2004.

Pacific Lines is an independent design and publishing studio endeavouring to advance equitable development, civil rights and, above all, protect the chances of the young generation in our increasingly inhospitable world.

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