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to combat
racism and fascism.

Mauro Brandi


The Beautiful Game

Photo by Joop van Bilsen/Anefo

Santos after winning the
Intercontinental Cup, days
before the intercontinental missile
showdown in October 1962.

In all corners of the world children seek
an exit strategy from man-made poverty

The World Is No Refuge

An eight-channel immersive documentary on
the Millennium Development Goals

Protect Indigenous Rights

The attacks on indigenous rights and habitats are worldwide. The street art RESTRICTED, created for the cultural survival and protection of the rights of the indigenous people of Australia and Native Title, was written and produced by Vive.

Urban Roots

How are the spaces we inhabit related to our histories, our debates and self-reflection, our pragmatic needs? How does our understanding relate to many of the world's most pressing development and sustainability challenges? Urban Roots, an architectural design for Pier 40 on the Hudson River, was conceived to celebrate the history of NYC as point of multi-ethnic arrival, making intangible culture accessible and engaging, transforming heritage into vital experiences and concern into commitment.

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